Heráldica de Mandrake - Esto También Pasará


Heráldica de Mandrake (Chile)
Psychedelic Doom


Santiago's trio of thundering mind-bending riffs have emerged with a 21 minute one-track EP "Esto También Pasará" (This Too Shall Pass). Explore the realm of psychedelic doom lead by frontman and artist Francisco Visceral Rivera who has conceived the band's lore and real-life stance in modern Chile.

Secure a copy of Heráldica de Mandrake's latest studio effort "Esto También Pasará" AZUL EDITION on pro-cassette in a blue shell with silver ink imprinting, a 6 panel j-card (english) featuring the lyrics and tale of this 21 minute aural odyssey inside a blue jewel case.

Same program on each side

A1 & B1 Esto También Pasará

Each order includes:
1 Cassette Tape Azul Edition
1 Poster
1 Pin
2 Stickers

* All art designed by Francisco Visceral Rivera
** As this is a pre-ordered item all tapes will be shipping mid-January
*** Limit of 2 per customer